The Many Advantages Of Vapor Pens

vape-610x250Vapor pens continue to increase in popularity among people who were previously traditional smokers. There are many good reasons for this popularity, including convenience, variety, and better health. If you have been considering a vapor pen, here are some reasons to give them a try.

Kicking the Habit of Traditional Smoking

Using a vapor pen to help quit the habit of traditional smoking can be quite effective. There are numerous health risks that are part of traditional smoking that is not associated with using a vapor pen. As such, replacing tobacco smoking with vaping can be a good choice in support of better health. Many people find it difficult to quit a habit as addictive as traditional smoking. Using a vaping pen can make the job of quitting a lot easier.

Improved Lung Health

When smoking tobacco in the traditional fashion, one’s lungs are exposed to not only smoke but also a myriad of potentially toxic materials. In fact, the full list of ingredients that are laced in with traditional tobacco is not even widely known. Switching to vaping can prevent your lungs from being exposed to the smoke and toxic ingredients that are part of smoking tobacco. Traditional smoking involves combustion, so your lungs are exposed to heated smoke, particulate matter, and combustion byproducts. In addition to the dangers of what tar and nicotine can do to one’s lungs, the particulate matter alone can cause lung tissue irritation. By contrast, a vapor pen is designed to produce only vapor, and not smoke, resulting in far less detrimental side effects to one’s lungs.

Better for Those Around You

Traditional smoking is not only hazardous for the smoker, but also for those individuals who are near the smoker. The dangers of “second-hand smoke” have been well studied and documented. People are often hesitant to smoke tobacco around others because they do not want to negatively affect the health of family members and friends.

Since vapor pens are designed to emit vapor instead of smoke, they are a much better choice when smoking around others. In addition to the health safety factor, the vapor emitted from a vapor pen is much less objectionable to those around you as compared to traditional tobacco smoke.

Many people who smoke tobacco in the traditional fashion prefer not to smoke in their own home or vehicle, due to the resulting odors and residues that can linger. Switching to a vapor pen can eliminate this problem, allowing smokers more leeway in where they can enjoy smoking.

A More Pleasurable and Varied Smoking Experience

Many former tobacco smokers are pleasantly surprised to discover the flavor varieties that are possible when vaping. In fact, once a person tries vaping, he or she often finds it to be far more enjoyable than traditional tobacco.